sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010

Already missing everyone!

Faz muito tempo que eu não posto aqui, pra variar. Mas hoje decidi que não vou mais ficar me desculpando, vou só escrever.  Aliás, vou me desculpar sim, pq hoje farei algo bem diferente, vou postar em inglês. E se você não entende, sorry baby. Prometo que você não perderá nada de mais, hoje não vou falar sobre o que tenho feito nesses últimos dias, esse post fica, mais uma vez pra outro dia. Então vamos lá...

When I arrived here, I’ve never imagined that I would met people so amazing as the ones I met. I never imagine that I would made new awesome friends, as the one I made… And do you know why I’m writing these things? Because many of these people are leaving and sometimes is so hard to say goodbye.
It’s so completely strange to realize how much you will miss these people who you just met 3 month ago, and now they have this big space in your heart, they become so special…
So what are you suppose to do when the only certain you have is that probably, you will never see them again, that probably after some months you won’t talk to them with that frequency, and that everything that will remains is a memory, or better, all the memories, all that nights when you didn’t sleep to help a friend, or the craziest parties ever; the sad day when you miss your family and they were by your side comforting you;  when you just met to talk and make a lot of gossips; when you got too drunk and start talking all that bullshits, or even better, the day after this day when you saw everybody hang over, and you make fun of them.
Now, many of them are leaving, keep going on with their lives in their places. As I will also do when I come back home. But there is one thing that, for sure, I’ll bring with me and I’ll never forget: all the memories and all the good things that they make me feel. That’s why I’ll miss each one of you, my friends. And if  everything happens the way we have been planning, so one day we’ll meet again.
I know that we still have some time together, but I'm already missing you!

See you, my dears.
And thank you for every call, every new word, every hug, every kiss, every smile.
Thank you for everything!